Photowalk in Zuerich 3.8.19

I did not take any film photos for almost a year. Actually i did not take a lot of pictures in he last year at all. I had to wait for inspiration to come because i realized, that i copied myself over and over again. Social media like Flikr or Instagram are not helpful at all. People applaude for what they already know (Every musician knows that as well, people applaude when they start to know the song after the first chords. A badass musician should stop playing and say: “If you already know the song, i play something else for you”). You only get likes for the same sort of picture over and over again. This stopped me from being creative and find new ways. From now on i decided not giving a fuck and do my thing. What a liberation.

All the Photos are taken with the Minolta Alpha, 50 mm 1.7, Kodak Tri-x and developped with Ars Imago Monobath.