those mountains

i spent a few days with friends in the mountains of switzerland, in the canton of wallis to be correct. what a lovely and warm october we have in 2017. i had my favorite film camera with me, the the olympus om2 and fomapan 400 which i pushed to 800. at first i tried to make some nice landscape photos. something i'm not used to do at all, normally i rather shoot street photography. so i had ansel adams in mind when i took those pictures. it's really not easy at all to take interesting landscape photos. i'll have to learn a lot. and maybe a 50mm lens is not the right choice.

i don't know why, but somehow there were some serious lightleaks in the camera. it got worse from picture to picture. so a lot of photos were unusable, what a shame.

still quite a lot of photos were ok. many of them were taken around the great aletsch glacier.

the legth of 23 km makes the great aletsch glacier the longest in the alps. the sad thing about it is that within a few years the glacier will disappear. global warming is affecting the aletsch arena's "ice sea" to a concerning extent. measurements show that the glacier is experiencing dramatic ablation, shrinking by up to 50 metres in length each year and retreating significantly at the edges.

the other photos are taken on the way to the the sparrhorn (3,021 m). it lies south of the oberaletsch glacier. my wife is a very talented photographer, she took the photo of me with the bird on top of the mountain.

somehow i still like photos with people in it, even if i want to take landscape photos... kind of street photography in the mountains. but i definitely want to learn how to make nice landscape photos. maybe next time i'll go for medium format. ( i'll need a sherpa )